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The goal was to create a family owned and operated Painting company that services the Tarrant County area with the best work in the industry. To achieve this, we service the needs of our customers, one at a time. We enrolled in a CIDA accredited Interior Design Program at Texas Christian University. Merging education and family background, in construction, will allow CK Painting Services to lead the way by providing knowledgeable consultations.

We define ourselves as individuals who strive for exceptional service by building relationships with our customers. We are able to listen attentively to our clients, providing expert color advice and start projects in a timely manner. Our clients are our customers, therefore we will always look forward to serving you!

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We are currently part of the below professional associations. We are passionate about the field of Architecture and Design. Our mission is to collaborate and promote the industry's values. As members of these organizations we understand the importance of education, advocacy, community building, and how they impact human experiences. We look forward to advancing in this profession and demonstrate the power to positively change people's lives; after all, the Interior Design profession seeks the safety, health, and wellbeing for all occupants of the built environment.


  1. American Coatings Association
  2. American Society of Interior Designers, ASID Student Membership
  3.  International Interior Design Association, IIDA Student Membership

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